Store Update

Hello everyone and happy October! We just wanted to update everyone on where we will be these next few months. We will be attending Paso Robles in late October to November, however Cynthia will be gone the 5th and 6th to attend a clothing trade show. Our next stop will be the Horse and Style Giant Steps Christmas Party on December 9th. We hope to see you there! In January, we will be in Thermal. We have many new clothing items to share and we can't wait to start 2020 in the desert!

As for now, the website will have some clothing we carry and the basics (like the blanc noir jackets). We are also working on adding in Barnstyle dog, the new line Cynthia created this year! Bare with us as the online store is being worked on but you can always email us if you want to order something! Thank you for your understanding. 


Cynthia -

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